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Tax Advisory and Financial Planning are Processes.
Not Quick Transactions.

At Dotch Capital, we believe that your financial goals can be obtained by following a distinct, goal-oriented process. While many of our clients may have encountered financial professionals who valued their own interests over the success of their clients, we can guarantee you are our utmost priority. Because we are not in the business of selling financial products, we follow a comprehensive, seven-step financial planning process that is always centered on your goals.

Understanding your Finances

To ensure our service and advice are customized to your best interests, we will start by gathering relevant quantitative and qualitative information. We will then analyze this information to make sure we completely understand your circumstances and how we can best help you.

Identifying and Selecting Goals

Together, we'll help you define your personal and financial goals and gain an understanding of your time frame for accomplishing those goals. We will also be sure to discuss how you feel about the risks that could potentially derail your plan along the way.

Evaluate the Plan(s) of Action

Before getting started, we will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your current financial path and come up with possible alternative solutions that may be more optimal for your circumstances and better address your stated goals.

Developing the Financial Plan

We'll create a personal financial plan to help you maximize the potential of accomplishing your financial objectives. Among other things, this may include a review of your investment portfolio, the creation of a retirement strategy, or perhaps an analysis of your current tax and estate plan.

Presenting the Financial Plan

After preparing your plan, we’ll meet with you to address your goals based on the information you provided. We’ll discuss the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your current plan, and then we’ll provide you with our professional recommendations on how to best accomplish your goals.

Implementing the Financial Plan

Once we discuss your objectives and recommend strategies to accomplish those objectives, we'll work closely with you to help you implement those strategies. This may mean working with your attorney, CPA, or with our firm to help you implement your wealth management and financial planning strategy.

Monitoring and Updating Progress

When it comes to navigating your finances, you will never be alone. Together, we'll define who's responsible for monitoring progress toward your objectives, and we'll work closely with you toward the accomplishment of your long-term financial objectives. In most instances, this involves meeting with our firm, as well as with your attorney and accountant, on at least an annual basis.

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