Preparing For Your Appointment

When preparing for your meeting with us here at Dotch Capital, we encourage you to bring the following documents to your appointment. All your records will be kept confidential during the time that we're meeting and will be returned to you as quickly as possible. If you would prefer, you're welcome to bring duplicate copies of your financial papers rather than the originals.

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  • Government-issued photo identification.
  • Statements for each of your investments and other financially-valuable assets, as applicable.
  • Income tax return(s) from last year.
  • Paycheck stubs for you and your spouse. We need versions that show deductions from gross income.
  • Insurance policies already in place, including declarations of coverage. These policies can include:
    Liability Coverages, Life Insurance Policies for All Members of Your Family, Auto and Home Policies, Disability Income Insurance Policies, Company-Provided Group Benefits, With A Printout Of Specific Coverages, For You And Your Spouse
  • Will and Trust Documents

We look forward to meeting you!