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At Dotch Capital, we know you face financial challenges associated with being a healthcare professional. Your high level of income exposes you to much higher levels of tax risks. We believe one of the best strategies to help mitigate your tax liabilities is through Real Estate Investing. In our financial services industry, it is fairly common for tax and financial services professionals to focus on products (Qualified Plans Include: Defined Benefit Plans, 401K, SEP, IRA, Cash Balance Plan, etc.) for long term planning, which is retirement. There is nothing wrong with that. However, there are much better ways to help you with your tax liabilities.


The Only Financial Vehicle Today, That Allows Your Money To Grow And Be Used At The Same Time!

Our Mindset is to focus in mid-term planning (2-5 years) so that you can start maximizing your tax benefits. Furthermore, with real estate investing you will be able to enjoy the four sources of income the IRS and tax law allows.

The four sources of income are:

  1. Cash flow - Money comming into your pocket.

  2. Amaortization - Each month, a little bit of your loan is being paid off. If you hold the property to the end of the mortgage, technically your tenants would have paid off your mortgage.

  3. Depreciation - Accounting and tax rules allows you to depreciate your property, which means you are making money but it looks like you are losing money. You are making money because you are legally allowed to pay less in taxes. So this money is comming in because less money is being paid out in taxes. It is also known as "phantom cash flow."

  4. Appreciation - This is the price of the unit going up in value. Appreciation is also known as "capital gains." Most people invest for appreciation. During the last real estate boom, flippers were buying then selling for profit. This is investing for appreciation (capital gains).

These four sources of income are also known as I.R.R. — an internal rate-of-return.

Some of our specially designed financial strategies include:

Charitable Gift Planning

Serving others is important to who you are, or else you would not be in a field that continually puts others first. Our advisors want to help you budget charitable giving as a part of your financial plan.

Tax Planning

You work hard for your money, so it is important to strategize your plan in a way that allows you to save the most. Although you may be unaware, there are likely some missed exemptions on your tax forms that require you to pay higher taxes than necessary. We'll review your taxes and find missed deductions.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning as a physician or other healthcare provider is crucial. Most careers only require 4-6 years of education, but the medical field requires so much more. While others can begin saving for retirement within a few years of exiting high school, medical professionals can fall behind without proper planning.

Education Planning

Planning for the education of your children can be overwhelming, especially when you have just finished paying your own student loans. Our advisors will work with you to take into account tuition growth, risks involved, taxes, and more to create a plan best suited to the needs of both you and your children. Talk to us about education financing today.

Debt Management

You would not be where you are today if it were not for hard work and years of education, which also most likely left you with massive debts. We want to help you manage that debt in such a way that paying it off is not only possible but also easy to accomplish.

Asset Protection

Unexpected events can happen at any given moment, such as divorce, lawsuits, liability claims, and more. Our advisors are experts on asset protection so that your assets, wealth, home, savings, investments, and future income are safe no matter what comes your way.

Employee Benefits

In healthcare, every employee matters. No office can run smoothly without the help of administrative staff, managers, nurses, assistants, and other staff members. This team is what keeps clients satisfied, schedules complete, and priorities in order. Benefits ensure your employees are dedicated to staying with your practice. Although a need for income leads candidates to apply, it is benefits such as dental and medical insurance and leave time that motivates them to stay.

Buy-Sell Agreement

A buy-sell agreement ensures stability in business transition and prevents heirs from having to run or sell the business after an owner dies. With a buyer in place, a life insurance policy assures that funds will be available when needed.

Key Person Insurance Valuation

Placing a realistic monetary value on a key employee’s contributions to the business is difficult and inexact, but critical to the purchase of key employee insurance designed to protect the business against potential financial loss.

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation

A nonqualified deferred compensation arrangement allows an employer to provide retirement income and often death and disability benefits to an exclusive employee group, often with benefits in excess of those permitted under qualified plans.


Choosing the right type of insurance can be complicated, and more than a little frustrating. A plan can make or break your business and your reputation, depending on the level of coverage. The right policy can protect you, your assets, and your name in case of error or liability. We specialize in insurance and can assist you in choosing the correct type of coverage for your specialty.

Disability Insurance*

In an emergency in which the primary provider of your family is no longer able to work, disability insurance protects your family with a source of income stability. In addition to new medical expenses, one's income is also reduced or terminated at the onset of an illness or injury. As the main provider for your family, you should strongly consider disability insurance if your spouse does not believe he or she could maintain financial stability, pay the mortgage, or pay off expenses on your spouse's income alone. Our agents can help you protect your current lifestyle and long-term goals.

*Products are available through one or more carriers not affiliated with New York Life Insurance Company, dependent on carrier authorization and product availability in your state or locality.

401(k) Rollovers*

If you've changed jobs or are retiring, rolling over your retirement assets to an IRA can be an excellent solution. It is non-taxable when done correctly and provides access to a range of investments and the convenience of having consolidated your savings in a single location.

Also, flexible beneficiary designations may allow for the continued tax-deferred investing of inherited IRA assets. Let us handle the details for you, including contacting your former plan administrator, opening your new rollover IRA, and completing the paperwork.

*Before rolling over the proceeds of your retirement plan to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or annuity, consider whether you would benefit from other possible options such as leaving the funds in your existing policy or transferring them into a new employer's plan.